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About Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is a tank shooter, a stellar arcade game and the next part of tank trouble series game which was developed by Danish Mads Purup.

This is an interesting game for two or three people. They play together on only one device and their mission is to control the tank and destroy all other tanks before being destroyed. In addition, the game's maps are so difficult, they are like mazes. A special point of this game is that when the tank shoot bullets hit in the walls, these bullets can bounce off. It means if the player can't estimate exactly the direction of the bullet, he can kill himself by this one.

Different from the first part, in Tank Trouble 2 just has only two modes including “2 player” and “3 player” and there won't have "Play with Laika" mode like its previous. It will still appear some small items on the map to help the player aim shooting much more exactly.

With a simple graphics and simple gameplay too, Tank Trouble 2 is really an interesting game to play with friends in break times.

How to play

  • Player 1:
  • Using the button S, E, D, F to move the tank.
  • Using button Q to shoot.
  • Player 2:
  • Using the keyboard arrow keys for the tank’s movement.
  • Using the button M to shoot.
  • Player 3:
  • Using the mouse to move the tank.
  • Pressing left-mouse to shoot.

Tips and tricks

Take advantage of the items that appear on the map to aim.

Keep an eye on the direction of the bullets to make sure that you won't be destroyed by them.

Estimate the bullet's direction before shooting to make sure that you won't kill yourself.

Tank Trouble 2 unblocked game

You are a fan of this cool game and want to play it with your friends at school, unfortunately, your school blocks the game. Don’t worry! You can still enjoy this game at school with your friends by playing on Tank Trouble 2 unblocked version on our website. This unblocked version allows you to play the game anywhere you want even your school.

Now, don't be hesitant, enter the game with your best friends and have great break times at school.

Tank Trouble Walkthrough

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